BREAKFAST OPTIONS – Choose A or B or C or D or E

A) ½ cup All Bran OR 1 weetbix with ½ cup low fat milk OR 1 cup fat free milk

B) ½ cup cooked oats + ½ cup low fat milk OR 1 cup fat free milk

C) 1 slice toast with 1 boiled egg

D) 1 slice toast + 1/3 tub fat free cottage cheese and sliced tomato / cucumber

E) 1 slice bread with 30g sliced cheese and sliced tomato / salad

LUNCH OPTIONS – Choose A or B or C or D or E

A) 1 slice bread + 2/3 tub low fat cottage cheese + finely chopped cucumber, tomato, grated carrot and ½ small avo.

B) 3 Provita + 1 can tuna (or other tinned fish), drained and mixed with salad ingredients or spinach (cucumber, carrot etc) + 2 tsp olive oil + 1 tsp balsamic vinegar. Or use 2 tsp mayonnaise instead of olive oil/balsamic + 3 provitas or 1 slice bread

C) ½ cup drained chickpeas with 1/3 leftover fat free cottage cheese + sliced tomatoes, cucumber etc and either 2 tsp olive oil / balsamic vinegar or ½ small avo as fat.

D) 1/2 cup cooked wholewheat pasta + 80 g Leftover chicken strips, shredded and mixed with finely chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber. Add 2 tsp mayonnaise and mix into the salad.

E) 1 slice bread with ½ cup leftover curry and a green salad

DINNER OPTIONS – Choose A or B or C or D or E or F

A) Grilled, steamed or baked 120g chicken breast (season with lemon juice or chili and seasoning to your taste). 2 tsp olive oil or other oil to bake with. Or ½ cup chicken in curry. Serve with 1/3 cup cooked brown or basmati rice and 1 cup cooked low starch vegetables

B) 120 g fish or other protein in 2 tsp olive oil or other oil and seasoning + ½ cup sweet potato mash (or butternut) + lots of lightly boiled green beans. Can cook beans in a little onion and spices if you want.

C) Roast chicken – 120g chicken breast in olive oil with 1 cup steamed or roasted pumpkin and other veg you prefer.

D) ½ cup mutton / fish / chicken curry. + ½ cup basmati rice or 1 small roti or 1 slice bread + 1 cup low starch vegetables

E) 1 small sweet potato or madumbe, cooked and mixed with lots of green beans + 120g grilled or baked chicken / mince or fish

F) Fry’s soya burger patty x 3 with a big green salad  + 1 slice bread

SNACKS – Choose A or B or C or D or E

A) 1 fruit

B) 1 handful of nuts

C) 3 provitas with cottage cheese

D) 3 provitas with 2 tsp peanut butter

E) ½ cup plain yoghurt

*Only snack in between your meals if you are hunrgy.